Laura van Hal / STIP


GUTS! is a spectacular circus performance for adventurous, couch potatoes, cry-babies and adrenaline junkies. A family show where five acrobats balance on the boundaries of danger, reason and on each other.


Laura van Hal / STIP


VLIEG OP! is an exhilarating acrobatic circus show for all ages where boundaries are stretched and explored. Suitcases and humans are happily flying through the air. This show broadcasts dance and theatre in a dangerous coating of spectacular acrobatics.

Three acrobats have been waiting to be checked in at the airport, for a very long time. To kill some time they set their fantasies free. Together they explore boundaries before they have even crossed a border. The friendly atmosphere is slowly getting grim, to the point where suitcases become shields, acrobatic tricks become rough and the show will bring you to spectacular heights.

Ronald McDonald huizen



August 2015, Laura gave birth to her beautiful daughter Nora and became a mother. Mum and daughter helped create a commercial for the Ronald McDonald Child fund.


 Lucerne Festival 


Seven young people magically appear from the darkness. Their instruments are as unique and individual as their own vibrant personalities. On the way to their performance, many musical adventures occur and they all leave the playing field as real musical heroes.

GLOBE Behind the scenes



Close-Act was founded almost 25 years ago. With their large scale spectacles and mobile acts they travel all over the world. In ‘GLOBE Behind the scenes’ we get to take a look behind the scenes from the big spectacle show called GLOBE. This time 35 performers traveled to perform 5 shows in rainy Bogota, Colombia.


TENT Circustheater Producties


Seven circus artists are stuck in a place where nets define the borders. Where success is the greatest good, although no one knows what defines success. Blinded by ambition, passion and jealousy they compete with each other. But there are drawbacks which nobody could have foreseen...

Air Optix



Laura can be seen in a commercial for Air Optix, Night & Day. This commercial is broadcast worldwide. Laura plays the roll of a sleeping American Football supporter.

I Wonder

Laura van Hal


In I Wonder, a dancer surrounded by a white cocoon glides slowly along the stage. Is it a safe cocoon in which she is hiding, or, is it limiting her freedom? And what happens when she manages to find her way out?

I Wonder is a theatrical dancing solo on the courage to show yourself and the obstacles that come along. Moving, with a touch of humour.



TENT Circustheater Producties


In LOOP six circus artists are struggling with their conscience when making major decisions in their lives. Everyone doubts ... Are they going to follow the familiar road, or do they dare to break their own patterns?

The impact of choices on the course of your life, that's what this show is about. The moments in your life when a decision can change your life. These decisions can be about simple things like choosing a secondary school: a moment in life that you can be prepared for. But sometimes things happen that are beyond your control, things that can change your life completely. Together, all these moments form the course of your life.

Nothing rhymes with happiness



In 2010 Laura traveled to Cuba to film the DanceDoc 'Nothing rhymes with happiness' by Relinde Moors. This documentary was only shown during Cinedans 2010. Bothe the long and the special edition can now be watched online.

Net deed ie het nog

Factor 1


Four people are behaving in a very normal way. They chop their vegetables in equal parts, put their clothes in the cupboard in alphabetic order and have a cookie next to the handy vac. Meticulously they try to keep things as they are. But what are they afraid of? What if power cuts out in the whole apartment building, the microwave starts throwing out everything you just put in or the vacuum cleaner starts spinning around in the room on its own?

'Net deed ie het nog' an absurd choreography about our routines and attachment to modern age equipment.


Circus Elleboog


Nick van der Heijden edited this short film of IX US. In this performance by Circus Elleboog, circus, dance and theatre melt together in a way that will touch everyone's heart. Dutch newspaper ‘Trouw’ called the performance surprising. As director and choreographer I could not have wished for a greater compliment.

Indian Premier League

Theatro Pavana


To open the new IPL cricket league in an unforgettable way, 40 Dutch artists were flown in to Bangalore, India. It was an amazing show with stiltperformers, aerialist, musicians, rope climbers, laser-show, fireworks and much, much more!! The 50.000 people in the stadium went wild. This is a part of the live television broadcast, that had more then 250 million (!!) viewers worldwide.


De Meekers Uitgesproken Dans


In 2006 Laura made this montage of her work as a dancer with De Meekers Uitgesproken Dans.

My Passion



Rick Heijne, Bas Nuyten and Emile de Lat from ‘ROC Amsterdam’, academy for media technique, made a film about students in art academies in Holland.