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Close-Act Theatre


Close-Act Theater has been bringing creative, large-scale street theater to audiences for years. Spectacular performances like Malaya and Pi-Leau have been wowing audiences of cutting edge street theater festivals in Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, Columbia and throughout Europe.
Apart from these big shows, Close-Act has created a lot of mobile street theater acts - visual shows on stilts with mobile, push-style parade characters and props that are often supported by live music. The costumes are imaginative, ingenious and made with great detail. Festival favorites are the magical white wings, impressive saurusses and endearing aliens.

Laura performs different roles with Close-Act, on stilts (100 to 150 cm) as well as in mobile structures. >>

Directie & Co


Directie&Co makes surprising street theater acts, in which they create unsuspected situations by using dance theater in the public space.

Laura performs the act 'Multiples' 

Directie&Co >>

Lonneke van Leth Producties


Lonneke van Leth created a modern version of Swan Lake. This version starts where the original ballet ends: the tragic act of despair of the two main characters ‘Siegfried & Odette’.

Laura danced on stilts the role of ‘mother of Odette’. >>

I Wonder


In I Wonder, a dancer surrounded by a white cocoon glides slowly along the stage. Is it a safe cocoon in which she is hiding, or, is it limiting her freedom? And what happens when she manages to find her way out? I Wonder is a theatrical dancing solo on the courage to show yourself and the obstacles that come along. Moving, with a touch of humour.

Choreography and performance: Laura van Hal.

Watch the trailer >>

de La danse


de La danse presents site-specific contemporary dance. Each performance is created uniquely and inspired by the location, linked to a theme.   

Laura has performed together with Femke Luyckx, the creative power behind de La danse. Laura is now one of the original cast members of de La danse. >>

Groen Gras


For Groen Gras Laura performed in the show Het Darren Diner. Green Grass brings children closer to nature surrounding them by interactive and adventurous theater.  The children become participant and spectator at the same time. 

Green grass brings children back into nature but also brings nature back into the city by creating greener classrooms and schoolyards. 

Laura performs as one of the insects in Green Grass. 

Project Zeezicht


Project Zeezicht brings dance, theater, film and education to audiences of all ages. Their mission is to bring something new, a new experience, a new thought or a fresh view on a daily situation.   
During the 2010-2011 season, Laura performed in Nothing Rhymes With Happiness, a docu-dance film project that was produced in Cuba. This docu-dance film was shown during Cinedans on the 10th and 11th of December 2010. They toured Las Bellas Durmientes through Mexico and the showcase Honderd jaar slapen was presented in the Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam.   

By becoming an internationally touring company, Project Zeezicht has transformed into Danstheater Adentro >>


Factor 1


For Factor 1 Laura performed in the piece Net deed ie het nog, an absurd  rendition in mime of our habits and attachment to the daily routine.

Watch the trailer >>

Jeugddanstheater Plankenkoorts


With the Jeugddanstheater PlankenkoortsLaura danced in the performance Luchtkastelen for three seasons. She was also the principle contributor to the creation of the piece using aspects of dance, play, aerial acrobatics, and pole performance. Luchtkastelen is a breathtaking performance about dreams, desires and need...

 During the years 2007-2010 Laura toured through Holland with this performance.

Meekers Uitgesproken Dans


Weggewaaid by Meekers Uitgesproken Dans is a dance theater performance by Ingrid Dalmeijer for audiences from the age of four. It is about a day in the life of a "normal" but wacky family in wet and windy Holland. Dad tinkers and mom sings, the baby cries, the dog barks and everyone looks happy. Songs, rhythms and the sounds of the environment give the family's life a sense of wellbeing, in spite of the weather.

Watch the trailer >>

Laura toured during the  2006-2007 season through Holland with this performance. >>

Since 2013 de Meekers in creating shows in the collective named MAAS Theater en Dans >>

Other Projects


Commercial Ronald McDonald kinderfonds


Commercial Air optix


Petra van Aken, Kantoor Erupties (NL), Dance film


Infaders, a mobile dance act on stilts (NL)

Commercial Buma/Stemra, Moeder Anne Casting (NL)


Circus ElleboogTurbulentie  (NL), Circus Elleboog in Carré

P.A.R.T.SRain (B), Repertoire Rosas

Teatro Pavana, Stilt theatre


Bencha theaterShapes (NL), Contemporary dance

Circus KlompVerschillende acts (NL), Stilt theatre


Marijke EliasbergOne more time (NL), Dance theatre

WildzuurOverstuur/20 uur (NL), Theatre



Circus ElleboogPeperoni (NL), Circus theatre

Priscilla BraamWaar een wil is...(NL), Theatre and dance

ROC AmsterdamMy passion (NL), Documentary

Jeugdcircussen NLTumulto (NL), Circus theatre


Ron BunzlIn my secret live (NL), Dance theatre

MediamaticWild Boar dresses (NL), fashion show

Elke Klein-GoldewijkStruggle for pleasure (NL), Dance theatre



Federico CampanaleOxygen (NL), Dance film

Anabella Lopez OchoaNacht van de lingerie (NL), Dance theatre

Eric KlarenbeekSpeeldoosje (NL), Dance film


Opera ZuidDeath in Venice (NL/B), Opera (danstheater)

PartoetLanceloet van Denemarken (NL), Theatre

PartoetDwergenleed (NL), Theatre

Marissa PascarielloGroene Eendje (NL), Ballet

RabarberLOT (NL), National Oriëntation Course Theatre Schools