De Theaterkrant January 2018:

"Tough acrobats balance on the edge " 

"For kids, the scenes are funny and recognizable."

"The end scene with piano play is beautiful, the five acrobats form a close group when the show a  dance-like chain reaction of tricks." 



 Laura van Hal | STIP Theaterproducties


For all adventurous scaredy-cats

GUTS! is a spectacular circus performance for adventurous, couch potatoes, cry-babies and adrenaline junkies. A family show where five acrobats balance on the boundaries of danger, reason and on each other.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you were never scared again? If there were no objections to draw outside the lines, despite of what others think. But what is holding us back? Fear: “Fear is a bad advisor” so they say. Fear is there to prevent us from danger, to make coordinated decisions and to take calculated risks.  If fear takes over, does it obstruct your balance? A family show where five acrobats balance on the boundaries of danger, reason and on each other.

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Director: Laura van Hal | Dramaturgy: Martine van Ditzhuyzen | Performers: Harm van der Laan, Jorga Lok, David Aubé, Marco Gorges, Lisa Barrett | Light design & Technic: Maarten Verheggen | Sound design: Nineyards Audio | Scenographer: Jolanda Lanslots | Costumes: Regina Rorije | Production: Laura Holleman | Dramaturgical advice: Job Raaijmakers | Flyer & Image: Overburen


Director: Laura van Hal | Dramaturgy: Martine van Ditzhuyzen | Performers: Camille de Truchis de Varennes, Victor Delval en Nicolò Marzoli | Repetitor: Femke Luyckx | Costumes: Jelleke Jorritsma |Light design: Maarten Verheggen Sound design: Joeri de Graaf



 Laura van Hal | STIP Theaterproducties


VLIEG OP! is an exhilarating acrobatic circus show for all ages where boundaries are stretched and explored. Suitcases and humans are happily fly through the air. This show broadcasts dance and theatre in a dangerous coating of spectacular acrobatics.

Three acrobats have been waiting to be checked in at the airport, for a very long time. To kill some time they set their fantasies free. Together they explore boundaries before they have even crossed a border. The friendly atmosphere is slowly getting grim, to the point where suitcases become shields, acrobatic tricks become rough and the show will bring you to spectacular heights.

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*** Theaterkrant okt 2015:
"The show is a promising form of contemporary circus,
that can give youth theatre a new boost. "
"The circus choreographies by Laura van Hal taste more-ish."
"The mix between contemporary dance and acrobatics is a sight for the sore eye."


 HEROÏCA won the Junge Ohren Preis 2014


Lucerne Festival (CH)


For the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland, Laura collaborated with Dan Tanson and 7 talented musicians from the Lucerne Festival Academy to create a musical theater performance for children ages 9 - 13 years.

Seven young people magically appear from the darkness. Their instruments are as unique and individual as their own vibrant personalities. On the way to their performance, many musical adventures occur and they all leave the playing field as real musical heroes.

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Concept and Staging: Laura van Hal and Dan Tanson| Violin: Eleonora Savini | Double Bass: Caleb Salgado| Clarinet: Rozenn Le Trionnaire| Horn: Deepa Goonetilleke| Trombone: Kevin Austin| Harp: Estelle Constanzo| Percussion: João Carlos| Musical Director: Erik Borgir| Costumes: Emilie Cottam| Lighting:  Stephan Choner


Director: Laura van Hal | Assistant Director: Hanneke Meijers | Dramaturgy: Daphne Richter | Production: Rosa Boon | Performers: Yolaine Dooms, Eva Schubach, Milan Seegers, Joris de Jong, Minka Parkkinen, Anders Kallesoe and Clara Groeger | Interns (short version): Ayla Moes, Lena Herrmann and Jirin Meilgaard.


TENT circustheater producties


Seven circus artists are stuck in a place where nets define the borders. Where success is the greatest good, although no one knows what defines success. Blinded by ambition, passion and jealousy they compete with each other. But there are drawbacks which nobody could have foreseen...

"We may seek a fortune for no reason Greater than to secure the respect and attention of people who would other wise look straight through us" Alain de Botton

A short version of NET was specially made for the opening of the new building of Circus Elleboog

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**** Het Parool: 

"Fierce acrobatics, but then with humor."

Moving, with depth, beautiful circus technique on a high level,
on the boarder between dance and circus.

 Merel Langenhoff  | Festival Buitengewoon


TENT circustheater producties


TENT circus theater productions is the first Dutch company that will fully focus on creating ´cirque nouveau´. Laura directed their first production called LOOP.

Sometimes one decision can change your life completely. Are you brave enough to take a new road? The answer decides your life LOOP.

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Director: Laura van Hal | Performers: Zinzi Oegema, Jorga Lok, Evertjan Mercier, Joris de Jong, Minka Maria Parkkinen en Cahit Metin. 





Director: Laura van Hal | Assistant Director:  Cahit Metin | Coaching: Hugo Metsers | Production:  Rosa Boon | Circus instructors: Hanneke Meijers, Lisa van der Winden | Technique and rigging: Bert Wils | Light and sound: Jeroen van Amelrooij en Bert Wils | Costumes: Natalie Dalmeyer and Mischa Naaraat.


Circus Elleboog


"What if I just do it? Sometimes I think about that. What if I do it. Just for a moment. When nobody is looking. Secretly dare to differ..."

In a moving performance full of theater, dance and circus art, twenty youngsters tell a story about desire, colored dreams and heroic deeds. IX US from Circus Elleboog is exciting circus theater played by 20 young artists. A spectacle of physical abilities that includes acrobatics, trampoline jumping, dance and the art of balance. In the air as well as on the ground, one can see displays of both muscular power and extreme flexibility everywhere. IX US debuted in 2008 and toured for two years performing for festivals throughout Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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'As a first step from circus to total theatre IX US is a surprise'.

Crème Brûlée

Collaborating youth circuses


In 2009 Circus Elleboog had their 60thanniversary and Crème Brulee is the creative icing on their birthday cake. In association with youth circuses  Circaso, Grote Broer, Nevermind, Rotjeknor, Santelli and Shamballa, Circus Elleboog created a family performance in which theater, dance and circus came together. Twenty-five young, talented circus artists from the Dutch youth circuses brought a physical spectacle with acrobatics, trapeze, tight wire, juggling, aerial silks and unicycling. Surprising , moving, emotional, and breathtaking. Laura created the choreographies for this unique show.


Director: Samuel Jornot | Assistant Director: Heike Jornot | Choreographer: Laura van Hal | Production: Hester Nagel | Technique and rigging: Bert Wils | Light and sound: Jeroen van Amelrooij en Mingo Hagen | Costumes: Natalie Dalmeyer,  Jisca van Vliet and Mischa Naaraat.


Director: Samuel Jornot | Assistant Director: Heike Jornot | Choreographer: Laura van Hal | Production: Rosa Boon| Technique and rigging: Bert Wils | Light and sound: Jeroen van Amelrooij | Costumes: Natalie Dalmeyer, Jisca van Vliet and Mischa Naaraat.

Hoog Toerental 

Collaborating youth circuses


Hoog toerental is continuation of the youth circus festival Tumulto, in which five Dutch youth circuses presented themselves in the theater ‘De Krakeling in January 2004 and 2006. In a time span of just four weekend workshops, twenty-two talented artists from four youth circuses in The Netherlands created a family piece for six year-olds and up. Hoog Toerental follows the rhythm of a normal day in the city, showing a world between fantasy and reality. It’s a story about friendship and loneliness, fun and dreams – told in the language of circus art.  Laura van Hal created the choreographies for this show.

La Pinalie | Pas Partout

Danswerkplaats Haarlem


For two years in a row, four choreographers created a site-specific work in which professional and amateur dancers danced together.

La Pinalie (2007)

With 30 dancers and 6 musicians we travelled to Pinalie (FR). There we created a surprising piece based on the story of King Arthur. The piece was performed both indoors and outside. The  local spectators were impressed with the variety of the performances.

Pas Partout (2006)

‘Pas Partout’ was a performance for 15 dancers and 6 musicians in Hannezel (FR), which was performed mostly outdoors. It was a magical tour around the circle of life, from birth to death. 


Choreographers: Haya Maëla, Gabriella Carrera, Martine van Santen en Laura van Hal.


Choreographer: Laura van Hal | Performers: Cahit Metin, Carina Konker, Jurjen Klant, Mayra Kroonen, Nikki Tamis, Renee de Wit and Trees Balder | Production: Artiance and Shera van Leeuwen | Technique: Johan Blauw | With special thanks to: Hanneke Vries, Decoratelier Theaterschool, Eileen Standley, Madelon van Dijk, Dave Krooshof, Relinde Moors, Dolly de Kroon and Jimmy de Vlieger.




Inspired by the song ‘Pauline’ from Bram Vermeulen, Laura created a performance about the loneliness of kids nowadays, coming home to an empty house every day and having to scream for attention from their busy parents. Pauline zooms in on the struggle of these kids trying to get the attention they need, sometimes leading them to very extreme measures.

Pauline is a dance and theater production for seven dancers which tells a serious story about communication, relations and getting attention in an absurd and humorous way.

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Alkmaars Nieuwsblad:
‘Pauline’ is a super dynamic, contemporary dance performance in which a dramatic theme is shown in a light way.  


Het Muziektheater


With a team of people that come from four different disciplines (music, theater, dance and visual arts), we created our own version of the famous opera ‘Pagliacci’ for high school kids from ‘Het Huizermaat’ in Huizen.
We showed our version on the 31th of March in ‘Het Muziektheater’ in Amsterdam. Afterwards we took the students to see the original version, performed by ‘De Nederlandse Opera’.

Articles about ‘Pagliacci’ appeared in several newspapers, such as ‘Gooi and Eemlander’

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Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam: Theatre teacher: Eva Zanen | Fine arts: Renee van Veelen, Dore Hoekstra, Wouda Zandenbergen | Theater dance teacher: Laura van Hal

Het Conservatorium, Utrecht: Music:  Josje Visser, Sara Lagerveld, Jeanine Venema

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