Cosmic dance with a divine glow

Logo Laura van Hal


Textwriter Clinton Siccama about Laura van Hal

When one looks up the meaning of 'biography' in the dictionary it specifically states: “writing that encompasses the description of one's life.” But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Laura van Hal's logo is such a picture - it reveals the story of her life. The portrait of Laura and her many aspects of dance is powerful as well as subtle and shows the combination of her diverse talents. It is a display of a balanced entity. As a choreographer Laura succeeds in bringing the power of theater, her love for energetic youth, and the gracious subtlety of movement together in one melting pot of authentic work. Her choreographies take you on a journey of self realization that always end up with a bit of illuminating soul food. A journey that make acrobatics sensual and the inexpressible tangible. The stage is Laura's natural habitat where she struggles, radiates, and claims victory. An intoxicating force to watch, feel, and experience.